Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking the Blog Seal

Where to begin? I don’t know why, but this was such a daunting task! What to write for our very first blog post? How do we pull people in to read our story? Is it even interesting? Sheesh, I hope so! Here goes, the start of Linda, Corey, and ElleCee Photography…

Corey and I have been friends since our middle school days, artists in our own ways. We journeyed through the drama that is high school, and somehow managed to find ourselves at the same University, in the same department! While focused on two different specialties in the art world, we managed to survive.
Moving back home was difficult and I’m sure everyone who made that trek felt the same way. For us, one of the most troubling and missing pieces was that creative outlet to exercise our minds and make art. Sure, we could’ve done it on our own, but without the looming school deadlines, it was too easy to lose focus.

The two of us spent our “LOST” Wednesdays together, working on different projects, living in a fantasy world where our businesses were already developed. Corey wrote up restaurant reviews and created food blogs while I traveled the world to photograph anything and everything. We trekked along life’s road dreaming about this made-up world of ours until, one day, we realized that while the TV show was ending, we were still lost ourselves. Not that we weren’t trying to accomplish anything, we just felt that we weren’t getting anywhere at the pace we wanted to. Surviving solo was ok, but it wasn’t great. That’s when our flight of the imagination took a reality turn.

We knew in our hearts that ultimately, we weren’t striving for anything other than to be good people, make good work, and be able to provide it to others. Corey had been my ‘wifey’ to a few weddings I had photographed. After these experiences, we knew *this* was in the right direction. With each other to turn to on how to keep being creative and stay afloat, we started our photography business you now know as ElleCee Photography.

It’s been a tough ride so far. We are both grateful for the love and support we’ve had from our family, friends, and those in between folks. We’re still trying to figure out how to transition from two fulltime jobs to a fulltime ElleCee. If you know the answer, feel free to share! Otherwise, we hope you continue to follow, support, and share our work with others. More to come on our past and present mentors, colleagues, and work so far (pictures, oh my!)… Stay tuned!

Much Love,

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