Sunday, May 27, 2012

Forest Hill Wedding Photographer - Jenn & Dalton

Here's a little blast from ElleCee's past again!  Exactly one year ago today, Linda and I found ourselves in beautiful Forrest Hill photographing the Wedding of Jenn and Dalton.
We came to meet Jenn and Dalton through my day job at the time.  Dalton was a contractor and Jenn was my boss.  What seemed like only a few weeks after I had been hired, Dalton proposed to Jenn and she was ridiculously excited. And rightly so!  Not only were they crazy in love with each other, but Jenn and Dalton had been together almost 11 years before he popped the question! (And to think, I started getting panic-y after only 6 years! Ha!)
All the details of their wedding day were so perfectly Jenn and Dalton.  From the venue location at the Forest House Lodge, to the camouflage vests the groomsmen wore that highlighted their love of hunting and the outdoors, to their adorably excited dog, Kodiak, practically sprinting down the aisle as the ring bearer.   The day was practically perfect in every way.

We're so privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know this couple and the amazing love they share for each other.  Never have I seen either smile as much as they did on their wedding day.
Congratulations on one year of wedded bliss!  Here's to this year and many many more to come....and babies, too!

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