Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bay Area Family Portrait Photographer - Mare Island - The Mendoza Family

<3. This. Family!

First of all...look at them!
Second, they own an AWESOME VW bus for camping, drive-in-movie-watching, hanging out and all around amazing adventures.
Third, little Dexter is just one of my favorites to photograph! (So much personality!)
Fourth...well, I could keep going, but it might take awhile.

I met Patrice, Diego & little Dexter at Mare Island for these pictures.  It's a great place to photograph, full of different backgrounds, abandoned buildings, and interesting features.  It was a great pick by the family!  I was so excited to incorporate Diego's baby (the VW bus) into the pictures.  He spent a lot of time restoring it and making it the ultimate camping vehicle so he could take his growing family on trips.

Very soon they will be welcoming a new little member to their family and Dex will be a big brother, but until then I give you the current Mendoza Family!


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