Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sacramento Newborns | Baby Eva

What can I say about the Feher's? ElleCee has photographed them several times now and they are like family. I met Loan as a bridesmaid in Karisa & Anthony's wedding back in 2011. She was expecting then for little Elliott to pop out. What a little munchkin he turned out to be! Fast forward a couple of years and we meet up again for Nancy & Juan's wedding where she was expecting another! I am so happy to now present lil' miss Eva. 

I got the opportunity to photograph this pink tutu toting gal just around 2 weeks. She was such a sport! At the start, it was a bit too cool despite the soft fabric atop a beanbag her brother was just nestling in. Eventually, she made her way to comfortville and settled in to nap the rest of the way. We were able to snap a few of just Eva. Then we made our way to our kitchen-esque theme with little Elliott and of course, a few family sittings. What we love? Aside from the colors and patterns.. these beautiful little faces, of course! 

And a few solo pics for Elliott :D

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