Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary to ElleCee ^_^

Wow, can't believe we are at another anniversary. Not that we had any doubt in ourselves, but when so many others tell us that failure is more successful than success itself, it gets tough. The odds, especially in the photography industry, were, and are, not in our favor. We're still going strong though, thanks to each other, and most of all, thanks to you!

We don't settle into one type of photography because we love it all. Maternity, children's, family, engagement, wedding, boudoir, model, fashion, and food photography.. we've had a fortunate opportunity to cover it all! We've had amazing clients turned friends, friends turned clients... We're also very fortunate to have the best, very supportive photography community. This year, we get to look forward to some more excitement, including a wedding of our own! We're so very excited that you joined us in our journey and look forward to sharing with you some more. If you don't know how we got started, go ahead and read about our beginning!

For now, do enjoy this random collection that is us. Some behind the scenes, some work, some fun :D ...

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