Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sacramento Portrait Photographer - Seniors

School is about to start, and for all of you high school seniors out there you know it's time to cram in those high school memories before you venture off into college life, or "the real world," as everyone seems to be calling it now-a-days.  These two cousins, Bree and Maurin, were so gracious to pose for us on one of the first warm days of summer in Sacramento.  We ventured out to the newly revamped R Street in downtown Sacramento to poke around and find fun spots to photograph.  
We had so much fun with them and we love photographing high school seniors in pairs or groups.  It makes for great spontaneous laughing shots (like a few of the ones below!)  Not to mention, it's great to have pictures of you and your friends that you can look back on.  I know Linda and I have some great/embarrassing old photos of us back in High School that we'll have fun looking at when we're old and grey.
Don't you agree that these types of senior shots are so much better than the ones that end up in your yearbook?  My parents have kept my High School Senior portrait (you know, with the classic black velvet smock-thing and the pearls) on their bookshelf for years, if only they had one like this, I think I might be less embarrassed of it now!
Not that Bree and Maurin have to worry about REALLY helps that they're so photogenic! Thanks for a great day, ladies.  Best of luck in the new school year!

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